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Watch short animations to learn about endangered species of the rainforest and the current state of their home and the damage that people are causing

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Read facts about some cool rainforest species of animals. Learn about what they eat, the habitats they live in and the failing ecosystems they have to endure

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Now it's time prove what you learned so I hope you've been paying attention. Take the quizzes and see if you can beat your friends high scores. Let's go!


Francisco the frog

Meet Francisco, this tiny little frog can normally found in ponds. He wants to tell you about his species and the harm deforestation is doing.

Eason the elephant

This is Eason, and this big friendly giant is one of an endangered species of elephant who's likely to become extinct in the near future.

Jasmine the jaguar

Here is Jasmine. She's a fearsome jaguar who loves hunting, swimming and fishing. She is found in the Amazon but her home is in danger.


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What length can a Golden Mantella frog grow to?

Complete this sentence: One of the main dangers animals are facing now is. . .

Since 2000, how many different animal species have gone extinct?

How many jaguars live in the Amazon rainforest?

Sumatran Elephants live on an island in which country?

Reforestation is the process of _______ in areas where trees have been removed.


What is Replanimals all about?

Replanimals is a website that will educate and inform children about the threats facing wild animals native to rainforests such as deforestation and poaching. On a positive note, there are steps being taken to improve this situation. Children will also learn about these plans such as reforestation. There will also be information about the animal species that are endangered and their habitats. In summary, here's the information that we have.

  • Threats to rainforests and the species that live there
  • Information on the species and ecosystems
  • The steps being taken to help

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